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Weatherproof Render Systems

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Experts in Brick Effect Render

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Improve your home with our 100% weatherproof renders

Brick Effect Render

Not only can our Brick Effect Renders make your walls look like new. They are fully weatherproof & keep your heat inside your home. Our render systems will make you the envy of your street. Just look how beautiful the front of the house above looks with Brick Effect render compared to the side with the old bricks.

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Coloured Render

With 48 colours to choose from in our coloured render range. We can give your home a face lift. This is also a weatherproof system with all the Eco properties & when combined with Brick Effect Render can give your home that WOW factor it deserves.

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Wall Insulate Render

experia work phone 150 EWI (External Wall Insulation) Render Systems were designed for commercial properties but are becoming more popular in privately owned houses that are cold, have no wall cavities or extensions with a single skin of brick. The insulation board is fixed to the building before applying any one of our weatherproof renders.

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Penetrating Damp Problems

Pen Damp

We can solve your penetrating damp problems once & for all & make your home look fantastic in the process. When we treat damp. We don’t just cover it over & hope it goes away like most companies. We make sure the damp is treated properly before we transform your home with one of our weatherproof render systems. There designed to let your walls breath to stop penetrating damp for good.

Help Reduce Fuel Bills


Our weatherproof render systems can save you on your fuel bills & when combined with insulation boards you’ll start saving 

£££’S P/Y & BE 100% ECO FRIENDLY

by keeping the heat in & the weather out. They allow your walls to breath & are designed to keep you cool in the summer & warm in the winter.

Pebble Dash Covered

damp dash 2

No1 Render Systems can cover over your tired old pebble dash or old rendered walls usually without taking it off. In most cases we can cover straight over it unless it’s in a bad state of repair. We won’t go over loose render like most companies, we either patch up the loose render or take off the entire wall completely before covering it with one of our Weatherproof Render Systems.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best finish in the industry. With these weatherproof render systems, there’s no room for error & we pride ourselves on completing a perfect job every time. We don’t settle for any imperfections, but were only human & if anything did go wrong we would simply redo the area to get it perfect.
Customer satisfaction is our No.1 aim.

No one ever complained about having the best craftsmen on site.


It’s old fashioned now, but we do what we say were going to do, when we say were going to do it to the highest of standard. Plain & Simple. Our word is our bond & that applies to our deadlines as well. Weather permitting of course. We employ trustworthy & polite teams who treat every job as if it’s their own. We work off word of mouth & rely on the good word of our customers & the public seeing our work. Which is why were still going.

No one ever complained about having to much honesty.


We only use the best materials in our industry, so our customers have complete piece of mind that when we’ve finished the work it will last for a very long time. We are committed to giving our customers the very best customer service possible leaving them completely satisfied they chose the right company.

No one ever complained abut having total commitment.

Are you struggling to sell your home?

Improve the look of it with one of our weatherproof render systems.

It’s the difference between full asking price.

Perfect for Landlords & Home Owners

Are you sick of painting your tired looking old walls or repairing damp issues, is your old render or bricks in poor condition.

With our Low Maintenance Weatherproof Render Systems they stop penetrating damp for good & keep costs down in the future